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“All we have to do is . . . “

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A little time away–and a lot of it spent doing grunt work around the house and yard–gave time for pondering. It’s pretty clear that, minus some cataclysmic disruption, we’re going to continue to struggle with the same issues for some … Continue reading

Bill of Rights (and Responsibilities)

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As I continue to make my way through this first year and work with individuals and congregations alike, it occurs to me that it would be really helpful if all of us who are part of a congregation, whether as … Continue reading

Speaking the truth

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One of the challenges I’ve always struggled with is healthy confrontation. Like too many pastors, my own desire to be liked has blunted my willingness to be honest, direct or prophetic. I have grown over time, but I know I … Continue reading

Which way forward?

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This weekend brought the opportunity to be at the Nebraska Synod PMA (Parish Ministry Associate) Convocation. PMAs are trained and authorized lay leaders who serve several roles in congregations across the state, though their most common role is to provide … Continue reading

Climbing the learning curve . . .

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I’ve now passed the 7 month mark in this position, and I continue to learn. Some random reflections: Nebraska is a BIG state. I’ll drive about 40,000 miles this year. I don’t mind the travel, but distance is a reality … Continue reading