Bishop Maas’ 2012 Christmas Message

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  1. Ansgar Jensen says:

    Thank you for you Christmas message. We are enjoying Pastor Anderson fill in while we look for a new lead Pastor. Pastor Anderson is really full of energy and wisdom, I can see why he was Bishop at a time. We also have great joy that his wife is part of his fill in at First Lutheran. I was wondering when you are now Bishop where do you call a home church. This in my opinion could cause a Churchs pastors to feel uncomfortable to have a Bishop sittling in the church while services were being presented. I do know you travel and preach in different church, through out the year. We are doing fine, except I ran out of honey from your father inlaws great bees. Be good and thanks for all you do for us the sinners in reform. Ansgar

    • brianmaas says:

      Thanks, Ansgar–great to hear from you. The question of where our membership goes is a curious one, in that there are many different views on it. I’m at the Bishops’ Academy right now, talking with other bishops about it. Some left their membership at the congregations from which they were elected; most moved their membership. For some, staying or going was necessitated by geographic realities; for others, it was a matter of philosophy. Debbie and I are still looking for a church home, but our membership remains at First in Lincoln, where we were able to attend Christmas Eve. My intent is to transfer membership by the time your next lead pastor is installed–not so much because I think the bishop’s presence would be a challenge, but because the former lead pastor’s presence would be a hindrance. Any other congregation that would get us as members wouldn’t be getting very good members–we won’t be in worship much. But we do need a place to call home.
      And I’ll leave some honey for you at First Lutheran. Let me know when you need more.

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