The Event 2012

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On the Road to Antioch with four ELCA youth leaders – Peter Aldrich, Amanda Briggs, Jacob Halser and Kelly Wallace – during their meeting at Carol Joy Holling Retreat Center.

These four were among 60 youth and adults from across the ELCA, gathered here in Nebraska to build connections and plan for youth and young adult ministries in the year ahead. They are an energetic, inspiring and hospitable bunch! Christ continues to supply the Church with passionate servant leaders. If you’d like to know more, or if you’re looking for materials and ideas for youth & young adult ministry where you are, contact Lisa Kramme, our synod resource person.

What are youth excited about where you’re in ministry? How are they your partners on the road?

2 Responses to The Event 2012

  1. Mary says:

    What a great time you all must have had together at CJH! Thanks for the “interview” and the ideas…I’m really liking this blog! :-)

  2. Sunni Richardson says:

    Thanks for sharing. The interview with these 4 young disciples was exciting. And the really cool thing is, these are just 4 of the youth that gathered — 4 of the 60 leaders that came together to talk about faith, life in the church, leadership, call and discipleship. What a blessing to have them in Nebraska and to have them as leaders in the ELCA. We are blessed. I would love to hear more from this group about their passions, yearnings, hopes, dreams and faith!

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