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It’s not easy being blue

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I suspect we long ago passed the one millionth sermon/bulletin/newsletter/blog by a pastor about it not being Christmas until December 25, so it hardly bears mentioning again. Except that it matters. I’m no humbug. I love Christmas, and I still … Continue reading

“Not as we ought, but as we are able . . . “

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One of the great prayers of the Church includes the phrase, “We give you thanks, not as we ought but as we are able, that you have held us worthy to minister before you . . .” The prayer itself … Continue reading

Come and See

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Preaching on the All Saints gospel from John (11:32-44–the raising of Lazarus) was a different experience this year–because of the settings? recent experiences? new perspectives? Probably “yes” to all. In the middle, the muddle and the mess of all the … Continue reading

The Event 2012

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On the Road to Antioch with four ELCA youth leaders – Peter Aldrich, Amanda Briggs, Jacob Halser and Kelly Wallace – during their meeting at Carol Joy Holling Retreat Center. These four were among 60 youth and adults from across … Continue reading